March Brown Emerger

March Brown Emerger

Tier:  Jere Haas


Hook:  Varivas Model 971 Nymph size 12.

Thread :  Yellow pre-waxed Danville Nylon Monocord.

Tail and Back Strip:  Dark partridge feather.

Rib:  Small or medium oval gold tinsel.

Body:  Light tan beaver or Australian opossum dubbed very tightly and tied with a taper.  Original material was champagne colored wool which was difficult to taper due to it‘s size.

Hackle:  Dark partridge or a tan colored wet fly hackle (cree works fine).

Wing Hump:  Mottled turkey looped to indicate a partially unfolded wing during hatching process.


Note This is an old pattern from the 1940s and 1950s.


To loop wing, cut a wider than normal section from a turkey wing quill about 1/4” to 3/8”wide.  Fold section in half keeping the dull sides out.  Tie in at the tip end far enough up the quill so you catch all fibers of wing.  Pull over the wing to form hump with as small an amount of the base to tie in.  This will produce a nice head on the fly.


Once you begin this fly, run the thread back to beginning of bend and tie in the tinsel rib first, then dub the body and then tie in the first partridge hackle which comprises both tail and back stripe.


The hackle is tied in with the tip rearward, laying flat, eyeballing tail length at about 4 mm. while holding down the feather, tie in the ribbing which holds the feather in place.


Next, tie in the second partridge hackle in the manner of a wet fly, but sparse.


Last is tying in the wing hump per instructions above.  The wing can be treated with Flexament or a similar type flexible coating to preserve the integrity of the wing section.  I have used this pattern in both march brown and slate drake hatches with good results.

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