Dubbing Loop Applications with the Magic Tool


Magic Tool

A Marc Petitjean Creation


This is the Marc Petitjean "Magic Tool" that has become popular among tiers that use dubbing loops.  It will enable you to create any combination of synthetic or natural dubbing, soft or stiff feathers (including CDC plumes), along with any material you can dream of to put on a fly using a dubbing loop.

The set includes 3 clips, 2 clamps, and 3 wooden equalizers.  The equalizer can be used for winding and cutting synthetic material into small strands of exactly the length desired.

You can purchase this tool from our on line Shopping link.  Select "Tools"  then "Dubbing Tools" and then select "Magic Tool".  The twister is also available.

This is only one of many different combinations of materials and colors that can be achieved by using this innovative tool and technique.





Choose one of the three clips for desired width and position the desired dubbing as shown.









Lay a feather (Cul de Canard is shown) over the dubbing and centered over the clip gap.









With monofilament held tight between your hands, push the feather and dubbing into the gap of the clip.  Then pull out the mono from the side.








Choose the desired sized clamp and grasp the fibers extending out of the clip.


Squeeze the clip to open and remove the material.








Trim away the feather stem but leave enough fiber length to insert in a dubbing loop.














Make a dubbing loop or split multi-strand thread to insert material.  Use a dubbing needle to split the thread (pictured is Mark Petitjean's dubbing needle). 











The Dubbing Whirl tool (available at our on-line store) can be inserted to hold the thread apart to insert the dubbing and then spun between the fingers.  Allow the whirl to spin while dangling until the material is wrapped tightly.  Pictured at right is the CDC and dubbing mix.


















This is the finished hackle using the CDC and dubbing mix.







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