Dubbing Loops with the Dubbing Whirl

Dubbing Whirl Tool (Twister)

These dubbing whirls are available at our on-line store. Go to "Tools, Hand" and then select "Dubbing Tools".



Here is a tool you will find useful and very easy to use.  Unlike the hand held twisters, that you rotate in your finger tips, you simply spin this solid brass twister and let the momentum do the twisting as it dangles.  The twisted strand of dubbing forms quickly.  You will never go back to hand held twisters .





Form a loop in the thread with the twister hanging in it as shown.  This is accomplished by holding your index finger below the hook and looping the thread around it.  Make sure the thread meets closely at the hook shank to keep the loop tight.  Make a few turns around the shank to secure the thread and rest the bobbin in a bobbin cradle if you have one.  Insert the whirl by hooking the thread on the feet as shown.


Insert the dubbing material, sliding it up toward the hook shank evenly distributed inside the loop.  I slightly cradle the looped thread over my index finger to close the loop and maintain control of the thread when spinning the whirl. 


Set the tool in motion by spinning it.  The loop will twist and tighten as the tool spins.  It only takes a second or two and you are ready to wrap the dubbing on the hook.


Wrap the twisted dubbing on the hook as desired.  Secure the end with thread wraps and trim off the tag end of the dubbing loop.


That is all there is to it.





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