Broken Jungle Cock Nail Repair

Jungle Cock Nail Repair

By:   Ronn Lucas

Here's my hot glue method of repairing broken Jungle Cock nails.   It works much better than any other method I've tried.

Using this method will make almost every feather on even the lowest grade
neck usable for at least great fishing flies and display flies as well.

Here's a picture of four feathers.  The one on the far right (D) is a natural un-split feather, the one on the far left (A) is how the two in the center started out.  The two in the middle show the good side (C) and back side (D) for comparison. 

The three points (that aren't difficult but is important) is:

First, align the fibers so that all of the barbs are touching in the "eye" area and hold them until the hot glue hardens. 

Second, use an instrument to apply the glue.  It can be a piece of wire that has one end flattened and somewhat sharpened to a point.  I use a Dental tool.  You may be able to get a used one from a Dentist.

Third, and maybe most important thing is to get the glue just hot enough to transfer some onto the wire and then transfer to the back of the feather.  Use a lighter to heat the glue.  If the glue is too hot, it will flow through the feather to the good side."

Happy Trails!


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