Tier:  Oleg Liachov


Hook : #14 to #20 dry fly.

Tail : Hackle fibers.

Body :  Dubbing of choice.

Hackle :  Cock hackle, wound over thread, which is then tied near the head.



Ed Gallop's Instructions I can't find the originator of the Paraloop hackling method but I do know it isn't a new method.  Here's the way I tie it:


For the post you can tie in a section of mono or use thread, floss, etc.  Make a loop in the mono (or whatever) and hold it upright with your finger in the loop, or use a gallows (parachute tool).  Attach the feather as you would any normal parachute.  If you use your left index finger to hold up the post you can pass the feather around (hand to hand) with your thumb and other fingers.


Wrap the hackle on the post as you would a normal parachute.  Then pull the loop forward and secure near the front of the fly.  Trim off access post material.  It's as easy as that.  Ed.

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