Slick Water Compra Dun

Slick Water Compra Dun

Tier:  Rob McLean


Hook: TMC 100

Body: PMD McLean's Quill Body

Thorax: PMD McLean's Velveteen Dry Fly Dubbing

Wing: Pale Chartruse dyed Coastal Deer

Tail: Yellow or Olive McLean's Super Tail




- Form a thread base 2/3 of the way back on the hook. 

- Advance the thread 2/3 of the way back up the hook shank. 

- Apply a drop of lacquer to the thread base. 

- Take a small pinch of deer hair and stack tie in securely with the tips towards the eye.

- Bring thread to the front of the wing holding the wing upright build a tapered thread button securely against the wing. 

- Bring thread to the rear of the hook slightly down the hook bend. 

- Build up a thread button take two fibers of super tail laying them on top of shank.

- Pass thread directly in front of the thread button over tail fibers erecting and splaying tail. 

- Tie in quill body by the tapered end. 

- Build thread taper to the butts of the deer hair. 

- Apply a drop of lacquer on thread foundation. 

- Wrap quill to form body tying off just behind butts of deer hair.

- Apply another drop of lacquer on body. 

- Dub slim noodle and cover wing junction angling the dubbing slightly to cover any bare spots under the hook. 

- Take 2 wraps behind and 2 wraps in front. 

- Whip finish and cement head. 


Note:  This is my favorite may fly imitation it is effective in black, PMD, slate dun, olive, yellow, grey olive, and brown.

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