Streaking Caddis

Streaking Caddis

Originators: Kenneth Bostrom and Lennart Bergqvist


Hook:  Mustad 94840, size 8.

Thread: Monocord B, or any other strong thread.

Body Rear: Fly-Rite #20, dark tan.

Body Front: Deer hair.

Wing: Deer hair.


Note 1:  Trim hair in a triangle shape as seen in below photograph.   Scroll down for Instructions.


Note 2:  This Dry fly imitates the Phryganea Grandis, the largest caddis fly in Scandinavia.  You can also use this pattern to imitate smaller caddis by reducing the hook size.  You can also use colored deer hair to imitate your local caddis better, or mix grey and brown deer hair.  


Note 3:  Impregnate the fly before use.


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