Winston Caddis Larva (with photos)

Winston Caddis Larvae


By: Don Shipp

At the risk of making an "ash" of myself, I've always enjoyed experimenting with different and "non-standard" tying materials.

Back in early January it was unseasonably warm (mid 60's) here in Colorado, so I snuck out for a couple of hours to a local stream and found about a million and a half Caddis Larvae in and around the rocks.  Some call them Sandfies, but technically, it's a Rhyacophillia dorsalis.  The Sandfly is one of a small number of sedge (caddis) flies who's larva is free swimming rather than case builders.  The larvae typically live in fast and medium paced rivers; they forage for food as dusk descends.

Luckily, on this outing, I had a couple of my "Winston Caddis Larva" patterns with me and I must have caught 15 or 16 rainbows in a span of 90 minutes.  I call it a "Winston Caddis Larvae" because its tied with a Winston cigarette filter.  This dubbing can be used. whether smoked or non-smoked, for a variety of patterns.  It will also absorb Prismacolor permanent markers nicely, to match the color of bugs in your area.

With all the lead weight, it gets down quick and stays down.  Fish it in a dead drift, right through the pool.  You got Caddis "worms" in your area?  Try this guy.


Hook: Klinkhamar G/S Special  #12, 14.

Underbody: Lead Wire (.015) wrapped entire shank, doubled at thorax.

Thread: Cream 6/0.

Rib: 6 lb. Mono.

Casing: 1/8 Scud Back (clear).

Body: Cigarette Filter (smoked & shredded).

Thorax: Dark Hare’s Ear.

Head: Black thread 6/0.



Tying Steps


 1)     Place hook in vise and thread lead wire through the eye, extending approx 1” of wire through the eye. Wrap wire the entire length of the shaft, then clear the eye of wire and wrap back over the underbody at the thorax.  Coat w/lacquer.







2)     Wrap thread to rear of hook and tie in a length of 6 lb. Mono and a length of clear

scud back material.





3)     Shred a smoked cigarette and dub onto thread and wrap forward to the doubled lead wire. Throw in a half hitch, cut thread and tie on the black thread.






4)     Dub the black thread w/hare’s ear and wrap to form a thorax.







5)     Pull scud back over the body and tie off at the head.



6)     Wrap mono forward forming a rib.



7)     Form a head of black thread, whip finish and cement.



8)     With a dubbing needle or toothbrush, pluck out the cigarette filter and hare’s ear.


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