Geez Greenie Beadie

Geez Greenie Beadie

Primary Use

Best Use Caddis larvae

Fly Materials

Hook 18-14 Caddis pupa
Thread #6 brown
Wing N/A
Tail N/A
Body 3-4 green caddis beads
Eyes N/A
Belly N/A
Flash N/A
Back N/A
Rib Green
Hackle Black squirrel
Face Black caddis bead

Tying Instructions

Instructions hardest part is securing the tail bead. Thread all beads on the thread yet. Tie in thread behind alst bead by hook bend. Make it big enough so the bead does not slip off. Whip finish. Tie in thread again between first green and black bead. Add dubbing as hackle. Whip finish.
great caddis nymph. great flash with some translucency.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: