CDC Caddis

CDC Caddis

Primary Use

Best Use When fish are taking caddis on top

Fly Materials

Hook #20-14 Pupa
Thread #8 - match the color
Wing Brown/natural CDC
Body Olive dubbing
Face tiny bit of dubbing for head

Tying Instructions

Instructions easy. lay down the thread, dub the olive body, tie in some CDC on top. I like to take big CDC feathers, cut the fibers into a bowl and then apply CDC clumps as the wings. Give a little more bugginess to it. Little bit of dubbing for the head and whip finish. Can be tied in all colors. Good for post drift swing too...
So simple and effective. Same as the F Fly. I like to use a pupa hook for the CDC dry fly so the body hands under the water.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: