Fly Materials

Hook TMC 100 size 14
Thread Black 6/0
Body Favorite Color Floss
Back Peacock Herl
Hackle Grizly, Dun, or Brown

Tying Instructions

Instructions Step 1: Make a good thread base from the eye of the hook back to the bend and clip the access thread.
Step 2: Prepare your hackle and tie it in at the bend, this will be your tie in point.
Step 3: Tie in three to four strands of peacock herl in at your tie in point.
Step 4: Next tie in your favorite color of floss at the tie in point.
Step 5: Then wrap your floss up to about an eye length back from the hook eye, creating a strait, smooth body with not much taper.
Step 6: Take the peacock herl and bring it strait over the back of the hook and tie it off, creating the back to your fly.
Step 7: Next palmer your hackle you tied in and tie it off, still staying and eye length away from the hook eye.
Step 8: Whip finish your fly and cement the head for a full finished look.
This is one of my favorite trout flies to tie and to fish with. Tight Lines.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: