A Pig Fly Hot

Primary Use

Best Use unknown

Fly Materials

Hook i worm curved shank bent to shape need
Thread heavey tying wire or a heavist tread
Wing any hackle feather and lots of marabu
Tail lots of flash and any other stuff can be used
Body peacock sword and Chenille
Eyes big dumb bell or whip finsh wrap
Belly same as wing stuff
Flash any color
Back any flash or body stuff
Rib any can be used to mach the body or flash color
Hackle Bigest feather posiblie
Face any

Tying Instructions

Instructions 1st- find a curved worm hook and bend it to your liking.

2ed- tie the thread heavily so the body can hold all the stuff like, tons of peacock sword marabou , and Chenille.

3ed- lots of Chenille and peacock sword or Herle tied in clumps and as much as possible.

4th- then tie the hackle feather or feathers in so one is one each side of the fly or up on top of the fly

5th- tie prier before putting all the body and feathers. tie in figure 8 as usually, then glue down with nail polish to color it.

6th- when all the thread is put on use any color of women nail polish you can find.
a worm hook fly use lot of stuff and bend the hook in to shape needed

This is called a pig fly cuzz it uses a lot of stuff and mite take up to much. but it work well for carp and bass. hook size 1/0- to 4/0.
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