Rattling tail

Rattling tail

Primary Use

Best Use Tail to any streamer

Tying Instructions

Instructions It's a piece of medium wire wrapped to the shank of a hook like a stringer. There is a small kink in the wire so the beads can only go so high. The beads are sized so they are bigger hole diameters then the wire. The end is a simple twist hoop, twisted like 4 times. The beads can slide up and down like a normal rattle, but they also "shimmer" (a lighter rattle), when the wire moves side to side. Tie a piece of marabou to the hoop end of the wire. The more marabou more wire action, the more "shimmer." You can adjust the shimmer sound by using different kinds of beads. Here I use alternating glass and brass.
This is an extenuation to your favorite streamer pattern. It adds sound to attract the fishes attention.

Has anyone ever seen this before?
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