Amber MayFly Nymph Hot

Amber MayFly Nymph

Primary Use

Best Use March Brown/Grey Fox/Lt Hendrickson

Fly Materials

Hook Tiemco 200R
Thread Rust
Wing Turkey or Grouse Tail (dark/light)
Tail woodduck
Body custom grind fox squirrel Amber/Rust
Rib red or yellow ultrawire
Hackle amber tan partridge

Tying Instructions

Instructions simple mayfly nymph construction
tie in woodduck tails 4-5 fibers, tie in wire ribbing, dub to thorax with amber grind dubbing
rib to thorax, tie in turkey or grouse wing case tail fibers
"v-cut partidge" legs and tie to shank, pull over wing vase, tie off and whip
I also tie a "flashback" version ...just tie in flashback tape and pull over wing case and seal
with "Hard as Nails"
substitute orange and black "Sili-Legs"(instead of partridge) for the larger versions (#12-14) March Brown/Grey Fox (thick legs)
I tie this nymph in size 18-12
This nymph is a great pattern for me since it imitates many mayfly nymphs that trout love
I believe the color is the key...Orange/Rust/Amber dubbing
Hold a March Brown/Grey Fox/rotinda/invaria (LT Hendrickson) up to the light (Sun)...
..what color do you see? Amber!
This pattern is deadly when Mayfly nymphs populate the drift prior to hatching
I often fish it right thru the emergence of the duns and into the waning light of dusk
It is common to outfish the dry fly (dun) fishermen right thru the emergence with this nymph (E.invaria/E.rotunda) in the drift

I grind my own dubbings in a Braun coffee grinder
For the Amber Dubbing I use:

Bleached Fox Squirrel as my base and then tint it with hot orange and yellow dyed fox
I want the dubbing a light orange/rust/amber because it will darken when wet and 2-3 ft under water
When the natural "amber nymphs" are in the "drift" the trout on the bottom and will look up
into the light and see "Amber"
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