Humpy Hot


Fly Materials

Wing Deer body hair.
Tail Deer body hair.
Body Red floss or material of choice.
Hackle Brown hackle (or brown and grizzly mixed).

Tying Instructions

Instructions Also known as "Goofus Bug, Wonder Fly, and Horner's Deer Hair Fly." 

dry fly is very popular on fast waters around the world because of it's
ability to float well.  It was developed on the west coast (California)
as a variation of Jack Horner's "Horner Deer Hair Fly."  It's
popularity is contributed to Charlie Brooks, Dan Bailey (named it
Goofus Bug), Jack Dennis,  Pat and Sig Barnes, and a Canadian named Tom
Thumb even stuck his thumb in it.  Most agree that Jack Horner was the
original creator though. 







Left:  Humpy Yellow is probably the most common.


Below:  Humpy






Red floss or material of choice.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: