Black Fur Ant Hot

Black Fur Ant

Fly Materials

Body Black dubbing tied fore and aft.
Hackle Black, tied sparse at mid section of the body.

Tying Instructions


small clumps of black fur dubbing with black hackle in the middle makes a great
ant imitation. 


there are many different materials used to tie ants, this is probably the most
popular of all bodies.  However, with the introduction of foam flies, the
reputation may soon change in favor of foam.   


are found in abundance on
trees and other overhanging vegetation and frequently fall or are blown into the
water.  In some situations I've seen so many ants in the water that fish
began feeding on them selectively, ignoring other insects.  


that don't fish ants should consider giving them a try because fish find ants an
attractive menu entree.

Black dubbing tied fore and aft.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: