Cinnamon Caddis Hot

Cinnamon Caddis

Fly Materials

Wing Cinnamon Swiss Straw or similar wing material cut to shape and tied in tent style.
Body Cinnamon dubbing.
Rib Cinnamon hackle palmered and clipped on top.

Tying Instructions


Note 1
Thomas Ames, Jr. describes fishing this imitation to make it appear
naturalistic in his new book "Hatch Guide to New England


Note 2: 
This fly should be part of your assortment when fishing the hatches of
the Spotted and Cinnamon Sedges.  When pulled under water, this
pattern simulates a diving caddis, the hairy body and legs trap
oxygen bubbles much the same as the natural female does when swimming
under water to lay her eggs.  The trapped air bubbles help float her back to the surface.  The fisherman that duplicates
this effort
in his presentation should have success.

Cinnamon dubbing.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: