Puffer Hot


Fly Materials

Wing Single feather tip, black and stiff (Example: crow, grackle, cowbird, or blackbird.
Tail Two red feather segments tied split.
Body Lt. blue Mohair or Antron.
Rib Lt. olive spooled antron tightly twisted and spiral wrapped the length of the body.
Hackle Pheasant body feather, mottled dark and light copper/brown tied in full beard style.

Tying Instructions


Drawing by Jack


A. Nelson Cheney of Glens Falls, NY named this fly after fishing Puffer Pond in
the Adirondacks.  It was fished as one of a brace of flies on this
pond.  The fly had no name until on that one day in June 1867 when the fly
out-fished other flies, catching 35 pounds of trout in 2 hours.  The fly
was kept in an envelope and was found with the following epitaph,  "Thy
work was well done:  Thy rest well earned
."  It is now called
the "Puffer."  This story comes from Favorite Flies and their
by Mary Orvis Marbury.


Lt. blue Mohair or Antron.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: