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Fly Materials

Tail Marabou from a dark dun neck hackle butt, hook shank length.
Body Florescent green chenille.
Hackle Black neck hackle, tips extend back to the bend of the hook, about 2 turns.

Tying Instructions


Note:  I have used Canada goose black soft hackle and it was productive. 

fish this fly like a Wooley at times, but with no added shot.  I vary
the retrieve with jerks at times, and long strips, then pause and let
it fall slightly.  Next cast goes in the same spot across the creek,
drift.  The next cast I strip it back as fast as I can.  I then cast
and just jerk it with the rod tip, pumping it fast through the swing. 
They all worked so there is no "best' way. 

Florescent green chenille.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: