Tan Wulff

Tan Wulff

Fly Materials

Wing Very light tan elk.
Tail Very light tan elk.
Body Muskrat or other gray dubbing.
Hackle Medium or dark dun.

Tying Instructions

Instructions I have seen a description of this fly, but have never seen it listed as a named
fly.   It is mentioned in a single sentence in one of my fly tying
manuals, ie:   that light tan elk is sometimes used instead of brown
bucktail to tie a pattern somewhat similar to the Gray Wulff, so the pattern is
certainly not a new pattern by any means, although I had tied and used the
pattern before reading about it.  I have been calling the pattern the Tan
Wulff, so as to have a name to use when discussing the fly.

The fly has done very well on some alpine lakes and ponds in the southern
Rockies in late June to late July.  At times it has readily taken browns in
those lakes and ponds when no other pattern, in a heavily fished area, was doing
very well at all.  Friend SRP has advised me that the trout may be taking
it for a callibaetis.   At any rate, I keep only the two sizes in my
fly box, and those two have been quite successful at times in the limited
application described.

Muskrat or other gray dubbing.

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