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Fred is a professional fly tier living in York, PA. 
He's been tying and fly fishing for over 50 years.  His mentor was the late Russ
Mowry (below is an introduction to Russ).


Fred restricts tying for himself, friends, and family now that he is a "retired old fart." 
Most of his dry flies are of the burnt wing, spent wing, and parachute style. 
Although better at nymph fishing, he loves to entice trout up to a dry fly. 


Fred actively supports a number of PA Trout Unlimited Chapters.  He put
together slide shows from trips to Yellowstone Country, New York's
River, and New Zealand's North Island, and presents the slide shows to
conservation and fishing groups, charging only travel expenses. 
He's a social person who enjoys meeting and talking with fly fishermen. 


Pictured to the right is Fred with
two Cohos, 16.5 and 14.5 pounds, that he caught in New York's

River in September 1999.  He said the big ones double that size and are
available in October.  He fishes the river several times each year.


I have
fished with Fred on more than one occasion and admit he out-fished me every time
with his Green Weenie.  He felt sorry for me so gave me one of his
flies.  I still failed to produce even close to the amount he was bringing
to hand.  It wasn't until a few weeks later, in my home wild trout water,
that I gave the Green Weenie another try.  I know that water, as Fred knew
his Pennsylvania water, but the Weenie did not do well.  Suddenly, I
realized Fred almost constant flicked his rod while mending the line.  So,
I gave it a try and discovered it was the secrete.  It improved my success
a lot but needed to work on getting the right flicking action if I wanted to
compete with Fred on my next trip to Pennsylvania.  I concentrated on a
dead drift before and could sometimes see the trout approach, take a quick look,
and leave.  The constant flicking of the rod caused the Weenie to
frequently move slightly enough to encourage the trout to take the fly. 
Check out his Green Weenie and give it a try.  I found it to work best in
moderate runs.


is a very good woodworker as well as angler and tier.  He makes things from
nets to shadow boxes.  I have one of his boxes on my den wall displaying
flies and you can see his net in the picture with one of his trout. 



Mowry (1927-1997)


An innovative
fly tier from Western PA was associated with many of the well-known fly tiers
and authors of the past 30 years.  He often was a guest tier at the Seven
Springs Fly Tiers Symposium in Somerset, PA, and other similar events.  His
trademark flies were spent wing parachutes using burned wings though he was just
as skilled in tying the Catskill style dry flies.
with another Westmoreland tier, Ken Igo, he developed the Green Weenie,
a fly that continues to grow in popularity.  For many years after his
retirement from the Latrobe Steel Company, Russ owned and operated Mowry’s Fly
Box, in Latrobe, PA, dealing solely in flies, fly tying materials, and fly
fishing equipment.


One of the
founding members of the Forbes Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited, he held many
offices in that organization.  A year prior to his death, he was presented
that organization’s Silver Trout Award for outstanding service and for giving
unstintingly of his time and effort in working for the betterment of the
organization and improvement of the Loyalhanna watershed.  He was a member
of Spruce Creek Rod and Gun, Slate Run Fly Fishers, and a founding member and
driving force behind a special Westmoreland County group of fly fishermen, known
as Afloat.


Russ was a
pleasant mannered individual who always had a smile on his face.  He lived
by the old adage that it was better to say nothing if you were unable to say
anything good about a person.


Russ was
brother in law, buddy, friend, fishing companion, and mentor to Fred, teaching
him to tie flies and fly fish more than 50 years ago.  Russ always joked
(?) that when he married Fred’s sister, he didn’t know until the ceremony
was over that Fred went along with the deal.

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