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Mad Man Steve
Mad Man Steve
Hello, "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays Everyone"
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  • Wednesday, 19 October 2011 18:36
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Johnny Utah
Are you alive?
Sunday, 22 July 2012 14:07
Mad Man Steve
Chris..Exactly.. I'm just boiling to transfer into smaller containers...
Debbie HDebbie H on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 01:15

Steve, do you have a recipe for it? I like to try it. I have some cool containers I can use. their like lip balm containers...

Monday, 26 March 2012 23:52
Chris Schumacher
I don't have any experience dubbing with it but I have used it many times for the purpose for which it is intended. It's VERY sticky stuff and I have heard that there are many who use it as dubbing wax. I don't think you need to boil it. Unless it's to melt it so as to pour it into a container. Just put some in an old chapstick tube or a shallow jar and use your finger. The warmer it is, the stickier it is.
Debbie HDebbie H on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 02:48

I don't like working with sticky things..... no.. nope.. no... makes a mess...

Monday, 26 March 2012 23:29
Chris Schumacher
Looks like you had a good day fishing. What flies were you using?
Monday, 26 March 2012 14:26
Johnny Utah
F- Deer hair!!!! Right on!!
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 13:45
Debbie H
Ha ha Steve!!! When I get back in town.. My batteries will be fully charged...... ;)
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 04:23
Johnny Utah
My trico emerger done up in different colors work great on midging trout. Easy to tie and floats great.
Monday, 12 March 2012 13:25
Aníbal Romero
Congratulations, Steve this is a really big one fish waiting for me.
Friday, 09 March 2012 02:13
Byron Thiel
What a dickhead I seem to be-should spend more time on here. Currently tying up some tiny bead head bugger patterns which work far better than lures in the cold waters. I must renew my license here in the uk as our license also expires on March 31. Hope to get back out April 1st. Had two good friends who fished the same reservoir I did Sunday, but warm and sunny today where as I had to contend with rain, sleet, hail and snow plus cold wind on Sunday. I had one four pound rainbow and lost one, Most anyone caught that day four. Today same area Mat had 9 of which his best was 10-02 and his friend Lee had 10. Isn,t that the way fishing goes?
Thursday, 08 March 2012 23:23
Chris Schumacher
What did you do to your leg, Steve? Cortizone usually works pretty fast.
Thursday, 08 March 2012 14:33
Debbie H
Steve that is at the Old man damn.. cold freezing water!!! Rainbows all over the place.. I am going there this summer as soon as I can!
Monday, 05 March 2012 20:46
Colin Danenberger
Steve that is a local pond i wish at :)
Sunday, 26 February 2012 23:29
Colin Danenberger
that blue hopper is made out of foam one pheasant tail and some white marabou.
Debbie HDebbie H on Thursday, 01 March 2012 04:27

Nice........ looks like I can make it! It's hard for me to make hoppers!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012 19:43
Colin Danenberger
look at my fly tying skills guys :)
Debbie HDebbie H on Thursday, 01 March 2012 04:26

Very Nice ties Coin!!!! Thanks...

Sunday, 26 February 2012 17:02
Mad Man Steve
Naah. I would rather have some Chicken and Ice cream...
Debbie HDebbie H on Thursday, 01 March 2012 04:26

Chicken and Ice Cream!!! Are you Crazy man!!! YUCK.....

Sunday, 26 February 2012 15:57
Debbie H
Steve that cutter I use it for many different things..... many. you might be able to get it at some office supplier ....

Saturday, 25 February 2012 15:35
Marcelo Salinas
A lot of rain and muddy water my friend... so.. the solution was fire, BBQ and wine
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 18:42
Johnny Utah
Jersey is its own country????
Saturday, 18 February 2012 23:39
Colin Danenberger
you ok Steve you got your lag cut off? why i hope your ok
Saturday, 18 February 2012 17:42
Debbie H
Steve. You make up your flees the day you go fishing?
Thursday, 16 February 2012 19:21
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