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About me
I was
born in Paris but live in south of France on the board of Provence near the
French Riviera between Monte Carlo and Italia.  In my country the Alps
mountains have feet in the blue Mediterranean.  I have a choice of fly
fishing salt water, canyons, high mountain lakes, or rivers and streams. 
That is fantastic enough.


create fly collections for fresh and salt water.  In fact, I design new
flies for new way of fly fishing canyons, liguran sea, and Alps


parents are artists.  I am a scientist and try to conciliate biology and
art through fly tying.  As an environmentalist in one of the U.N.
laboratories, I studied the impact of pollution and contamination in marine
ecosystems.  I know well the different components of marine food chains and
I love to imitate cephalopods, krill, crustaceans, fish, jelly fish, or marine


tying for fishing is not enough for me.  I prefer to tie for art.  It
is part of my culture in that I live in the most artistic area of France. 
Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, Ernst, Tobiasse, Goetz, all loved Provence. 
With no comparison to these genies, art life and culture indirectly influence
the pleasure I get through modestly tying only what is in my mind.  I have
no commercial pressure.  I am free and could tie bat, jellyfish, or a
beetle.  I just do what I want, when I want, where I want, and this is the
best way to tie flies.


by Ed:  Jean-Louis has exceptional tying talent and I'm sure you will agree
as you browse though his flies.  He is also an accomplished writer of 120 magazine
articles but I have read only 5.  One is in English, "Fly Fishing the
French Riviera
" in the Sep/Oct 1998 issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters
A photograph of his
realistic shrimp imitation is on the cover.  He also published articles in the Italian journal: Fly Line - Ecosistemi
(fluvial ecosystems in English).  His excellent
photography displays some of the best tying talent I've ever seen.  The articles are: "Composizioni Esposizioni" (compositions exposures) in
the May/June 1998 issue;  "Streamers Forever" in the July/August
issue; "May Fly" in the September/October 1999 issue, and
"Le trote degli alti Gardons delle Cevennes
(The High Trouts of the Gardons of Cevennes) in the July/August 2001
issue.  When I have time I intend to write a synopsis of each article to share
with visitors of this site.


above is Jean-Louis' son, Guillaume, fly fishing over a dam in France.

below is his wasp displayed in a very comfortable position.

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