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I was a boy, my father took me fishing for crappie and catfish every summer. 
Among the thousands of things he taught me during those trips, were a few that
I'll never forget.  Be a good steward of the lakes and rivers, enjoy the
wildlife around you, be thankful for what God has created for us, respect the
rights of others, and always be careful and remember which hand is holding the
cookie, and which hand has the worm in it!




These things are useful still, even though I've long since left the worm
container behind, and grown to love midges and tiny creeks you can jump across.






I love wild brook trout, a good float on an unknown tailwater, and a delayed
harvest stream full of bruisers in winter.  I enjoy tying anything and
everything, and I'm finally getting better at it, now in my fourth or fifth
year......I can't remember exactly how long I've been bitten!





I fish mainly in the Southeast,
but I'd love to find myself out west, or back in the spring creek region of
Pennsylvania, Maine, and Labrador.  Perhaps the Catskills even. 

Hmmmmmm...  There's just so much water and so little time, as the saying










I hope the flies I submit will be
useful and probably, entertaining.  Try not to laugh at them too hard, or
they might be embarrassed!



Brookies Rule.  Owl.

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