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About me
is a native of Yugoslavia
and Macedonia, where the first
artificial fly was reportedly invented.  He is a
professional fly tier, fly angler, and journalist, with over 500 articles
published on fly fishing and fly tying topics.  


He participated in the Slovenian International Fair from 1988 until
1992.  He won four awards.  In 1989 the flies were: Prvenka -
Baetis rhodani CDC
Olive Emerger and Patkova pupa- Philopotamus montanus CDC
Cream Caddis Pupa.  In 1990 they were: Kobilica Olive
Hopper and Patkova sivomaslinasta pupa - Polycentropus flavomaculatus
Bubble CDC
Grey-Olive Caddis Pupa.  In 1991 the fly was: "Tanja"
- streamer (not indexed).


flies were featured in books by Darrel Martin, Taff Price, Mladen Merkas Goranin
and personal friend Dr Voljc. 
He is also a friend of  fly fishing journalist, Edgar Picenbauer, who
uses his flies for fishing.


hobby was wood carving.  After injuring the forefinger and middle finger of
his left hand, he had to invent new methods of fly-tying.


motto:  Every fish is ''fly-fishing'' fish and fulfills more than three


The photo at right was taken on the 30th
anniversary of Andrija's pilot career.  With his comrades he spent many
lovely and dangerous years .



The photograph
below is the upriver section of the river Radika in
Macedonia.  It was Andrija's river of his dreams.


Andrija was not fluent in English, his good
friend and fly angler, Dr Dimitrovski, with whom he had spent
wonderful fly-fishing moments on different waters, helped him translate
enough to communicate.  


Andrija's words...


fly tiers, I, Andrija Urban, now and old fly-fisherman, after grace and divine
punishment, have decided to present my artificial flies.  They were created
under different influences.  Now they are a mixture of traditionalism and a
contemporary approach to fly-tying and imitations.  I am still ashamed
because of some failures and creative misleading.


These flies have passed many
changes due to my maturation and practice as well as due to improved use in
fishing.  Creations of some imitations have colors that are approaching
reality while impressionism in flies is a part of nostalgia and respect towards
other authors.


way of thinking and tying techniques was influenced by domestic, Yugoslavian,
and world-wide masters of thread and writing. The principles of general look or
as the French say "impact" (general design, impression), respects the
characteristics of the species of natural flies and describes parts of their
life cycle.



from introducing you to my flies, indirectly and with my view of sport fishing
and fly-tying, I wish to partially present the situation in Yugoslavian and
Macedonian fly-tying through the Internet-network.  All present and
unfinished creations of flies have passed several years of testing on many
rivers of the Balkan peninsula, where I have fly-made all types of



by Ed Gallop:
  Andrija passed away in November of 2002.  He was one of
the best fly tiers I have ever known and we are very fortunate that he shared
his unique creative talent with us on this web site.  


will miss Andrija's frequent conversations about his passion for fly tying and
fly fishing.  He will be missed forever by all of those that knew
him.   Ed.

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