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bought my first fly rod in 1969; a Pflueger Medalist outfit complete with
fiberglass rod, Medalist reel and double taper line, all conveniently blister
packed, and sold by a local discount store.  That outfit saw a lot of use and I
still have it today, although the quality of my other equipment has improved
greatly over the years.


was not long after that, that I thought tying my own flies would save me money. 
With no one to teach me, I gave it my best shot at tying ants and beetles on
worm hooks from the local sporting goods store.  And that was the extent of my
fly tying for years.  Finally, I took lessons at a local fly shop and improved
greatly.  Since then, fly tying has become a passion.


I have no desire to tie commercially, I do part with a lot of my flies through
friends and Internet Fly Swaps.  I prefer to stick with the somewhat traditional
patterns and probably enjoying tying dry flies the most.


May 2000, I retired after 30 1/2 years service with the State of Ohio and now
have a little more time to pursue fish in local and far away streams.  Some of my
favorite streams are in Yellowstone National Park and I try to visit them as
often as possible.  I also fish the Lake Erie tributaries with their fantastic
fall, winter and spring runs of large steelhead.


local Trout Unlimited Chapter has also consumed much of my spare time and over
the years and I have held the positions of President, Vice-President, Executive
Officer and Director.


is a
cutthroat trout on the Yellowstone River and above is a brown trout from Clear
Fork River in Ohio.



:  Although I haven't met Steve in person I have communicated
frequently with him over the years.  He is a good friend of Bob Balogh, one
of my fishing buddies, and I hope to fish with them together soon.  
If laughing is good for a person's health, then fishing with those two will take
20 years off my life. 

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