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About me
grew up on a
ranch in Wyoming until I was old enough to see what else was out there, left
home and followed the pro rodeo until I met my wife in Cody Wyoming.  Seven
years ago we were married.


I rodeoed for only
one more year after getting married.  I gave it up for a real job. 
Went to work for a crane company where I started out rigging and moved up to
truck driving and operating cranes.  


We moved to Redlodge
MT in September of 2000 where I am now living with my wife and three girls, ages
12, 9, and  5.  


started fly fishing and tying about six years ago and   I have met a lot of
nice people fishing.  I've made a lot of life time friends and hope to meet a
lot more.






Pictured on a
bucking horse 
is TJ at his finest during a rodeo at
Frontier Days.  


Gives another
meaning to
"bucktail," don't you think? 

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