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I've been fly fishing for about 48 years, tying flies for 44 years, and building rods for
42 years.  Sold my first custom rod, a Silaflex B36 boat rod in 1958, and have only
recently started to slow down when it has become less fun and more of a
chore.  My eyes are getting old and my enthusiasm has somewhat waned with age. 

I've run a fly shop; tied commercially (something I will never do again); was in
law enforcement for 12 years before having to retire after a heart attack, and have just
plain enjoyed myself for the past ten years..


Since retirement all I do is fish and hunt and keep the better half happy. 
I love working with kids, teaching them to fly cast, fly fish, and tie flies. 
Have some older (15-18) learning to build rods, and am also involved in getting some
of the older folks, who generally don't get out, going fishing with me on local lakes. 
This isn't fly fishing, but they sure have some great yarns and enjoy a day on the water. 




I spent over 20 years in the US Army, traveled all over the world and have had a vast amount of great experiences
in foreign places, fishing and hunting.  Some of my greatest fishing experiences include time with Joe Brooks in
Terra del Fuego in the late 60's; in Central America chasing giant tarpon; in Japan catching bass in the
shadow of Mt Fuji; in Austria and Germany fishing world renown waters, and even using
concussion grenades in Vietnam to snag a couple of trout for dinner.  I still fish about 100 days a year, hunt about the same. 
That leaves time for my wife of 30 years to do with me as she likes for the rest. 

Planning to start some limited guiding next year.  I'm still learning the water and variations, plus getting the licenses
necessary, and making sure the boat is up to snuff. 

Fished one day on Pyramid Lake in Nevada recently
(March 2000) and caught 20 Cutthroats up to 28" long.  The one in the photo
to the right is the first trout and measured 26-1/2" long.  It was caught on the first cast with
a brand new rod and a new style fly.  The trip would have been a success even if I hadn't caught another one. 






Note:  Charlie not only ties large flies but itsy bitsy ones as well. 
Pictured to the right are some tied down to #28 and #32 and they still
maintain excellent detail.  That requires talent and patience.

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