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Byron Thiel

Sorry I haven,t been active on here for some while, but I realised when I was very nearly killed in a car crash in London a few weeks ago I,d better keep in touch with the few friends I still have. Nothing,s changed otherwise as I still have no one to take me fishing, but I still enjoy tying flies though it seems counter producitive just now. In an ideal world things would work out, but alas no!

Robert Broome

Yes I am going exclusive to spey casting. I started this about a year ago after building the rod in my avatar. I have fished gear single hand swapping back and forth for water conditions and species for years. Spey seems to cover all these aspects so i am staying with this system. Right now I am using Skagit style casting as it is the easiest and quickest to learn.

Chris Schumacher

I've been tying up a bunch of small crappie/panfish jigs. I hope to use them this winter ice-fishing if we ever get any ice that is.Maybe I will post some online. Is anyone interested?

Mad Man Steve

Hello, "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays Everyone"
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