tying tips

Discussion started by kyle , on 14 August 07:44 AM

Ok I've seen and heard of using paper tubes raping paper that is for saving you quills in put in on one end pull from the other but i use pvc pipe with caps on them and descant or rice to keep the moisture low anyone else got any good tips

btw my clap on my vice broke I'm only the 5th owner aka pass me down from my grandpa and it wasn't in the greatest shape then but he always stuck the long shaft into a hole on his work bench I made a wooden holder a box looking like contraption with holes to hold all my tools close to it ill post a pic soon of it but its simple like most answers to tying flies and cheap bought every thing I needed for like 5 bucks at home depot and Im quite happy with it.

please post as you wish to share ideas and suggestions to bring every one a chance to share experience and ideas and questions heck questions can be a good start to a answer too.

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