April 2012 Challenge

Discussion started by Chris Schumacher , on 29 March 02:23 PM

Remember, this is designed to help us become better tyers AND photographers so do your best and don't be afraid to submit a pattern. Tyers and photographers of all skills are invited to participate.

This month's challenge (not competition) is to dress a fly with a Dubbing Loop. You've done that before? Good! Pick you're favorite pattern and tye it up for us and take your best photograph. For those of you who have never tried a dubbing loop before, there are plenty of videos on You Tube and other sites that show how to employ this technique. (I might post a video here for every one to view.) The best thing is, you really don't need any special tools to tie with a dubbing loop although they make dubbing loop spinners. I just use my electrical connector/hackle pliers.

The fly can be any style, wet or dry or streamer as long as you use a dubbing loop to dress it. Try a fly you've never tied before and challenge yourself. Start doing your research and lets see some innovative flys this month! As always, have fun!

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Mikael Högberg Robertsdotter
I'am In for this :)
Sunday, 15 April 2012 20:04
Debbie H
Ok I have my fly to add to your album... Chris.... where do I add it below? Where..... Plz help... k thanks.. Debbie
Monday, 02 April 2012 20:09
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