To hen or to partridge??

Discussion started by Johnny Utah , on 05 November 07:52 PM

I ask you, which is your go to for a soft hackle/ wet fly? What do you prefer and why?

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Thomas Stephens
Hi Deb;

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis over a year ago and I have pain and swelling in my feet, ankles, hands, wrists and neck. It's like the worst
flu you ever had on steroids and hurt all over! It knocks me pretty much out for the day and bed ridden on the bad flare up days. I've had injections
of Embrel, Humera and now I'm getting infusions of Remicade ever 6 weeks. I went walking at the Mall last night with my wife for
about an hour and it wiped me out and this morning I was wasted. Before that my joints couldn't handle to much walking because of their bad condition. I missed all of deer hunting last fall because I was too sick to go and lift up my gun. My Dr. is sending me
to the U of M Hospital on the 28th this month and I'm hoping they can help me. If not, I'm not sure if I can even fish out of my boat if I
don't improve.
Monday, 05 March 2012 00:05
Debbie H
How come Thomas? You can't handle the streams and rivers? Some of the rivers here they are shallow then all of a sudden the water is over my head......

Sunday, 04 March 2012 06:21
Thomas Stephens
My choice is wet, with hen and pheasant hackle. I mainly fish for panfish because physically I'm not able to handle
walking or wading the streams and rivers. Wish I could! :)
Sunday, 04 March 2012 05:21
Chris Schumacher
I don't have any partrige feathers but I have lots of hen feathers so I have to go with them. I do have some hen pheasant feathers though and I like to use them whenever possible.
Saturday, 03 March 2012 04:11
Debbie H
I am a fan of Hen Hackle now, depending on the fly I am making.. The hen seems to give a fuller hackle.

Monday, 30 January 2012 00:34
Johnny Utah
Not crazy, just MAD!!!! No bro thats the answer this question is looking for..... Now for some other people?????
Tuesday, 08 November 2011 05:24
Mad Man Steve
Come on Peeps!!! This is a good question Johnny U is asking of us... And this is a fly tying site, So let's get this topic rolling.
Monday, 07 November 2011 06:29
Mad Man Steve
I'm a fan of the partridge Johny. I feel that it has better movement in the water then the hen. And I also like the looks and colors of the partridge.
Hope that doesn't sound as crazy?
Monday, 07 November 2011 05:12
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